Bite Sized Snacks – For Mums On The Run

Ahhhhhh if I knew then what I knew now I would have perfected bite sized snacks waaaay before I had Baby Bear. Yep, it’s really true that you have to do everything with one hand once you become a mum because the other hand is either holding your baby or cleaning something up! For those that breastfeed, you will be one hungry Mumma Bear (I still remember my husband Jaime spoon feeding me museli whilst I actually breastfed in the early days as I was RAVENOUS!!!). Anyway, what were we taking about….? Oh yeah bite sized snacks (yep baby brain is a real thing too!). Here are a couple of my favourite snacks on the run:

  • Bliss Balls: these are the best. Easy to make, easy to freeze and easy to eat!!!! You can find a great recipe for these here and fresh zesty lemon one here
  • Medjool dates stuffed with nut butter: Yep this one is as good as it sounds. Simply remove the date pit and fill with nut butter of your choice. Almond and cashew work well. Add a sprinkle of himalayan salt too if you like your snacks salty!
  • Frittata: These can be made ahead of time and warmed up as needed. I love using left over roast or steamed veggies to boost the nutrient levels. Try adding some goats cheese or smoked salmon too.
  • Banana pancakes: These are super easy to make and can definitely be enjoyed with one hand. I spread mine with yogurt, coconut yogurt or sometimes nut butter (um can you tell I love nut butter?!?!). Find an easy recipe here
  • Hard boiled eggs: packed full of protein and good fats, these little powerhouses of nutritional are a Mumma Bears best friend!
  • Fruit and nuts: Mother Nature has packaged up some pretty fine snacks in the form of fresh fruit. Couple this with some raw nuts or natural yogurt and you have a perfect balanced snack!

All these snacks can be shared with Baby Bear once solids are well – established (and all ingredients have been introduced).

Now, I know from experience that new Mumma Bears often find having a balanced diet quite a challenge with a little one in tow. If you need some professional nutritional support from another Mumma Bear who gets it, get in touch here I’d love to meet you!



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