Eating Healthy Food On a Budget

Superfood Smoothie

For many people, eating well on a budget seems a challenging concept. Super foods are popular at the moment and it is not uncommon for these foods to come with a super price tag too! Here are some clever and effective ways to boost your diet without breaking the bank.


Embrace the less popular ‘ super food’

The term ‘super food’ has become more popular in recent years, especially since the arrival of new, exotic and often hard to pronounce foods that are touted as the next best food to consume. Most of the newer kids on the health block often come with a super expensive price tag though. There are many older and seemingly less cool super foods, which are just as good for you though. For instance, try swapping kale for good old silver beet that in many ways contains a similar nutritional profile and in my opinion actually taste better. Oats are also an amazing super food as they are packed full of fibre and assist in balancing blood sugar levels. Check out a great recipe for muesli here Sweet potatoes are another fantastic option, which are full of fibre and are popular on the menu in many of the world’s blue zones – which are areas around the globe where people have been known to live the longest. These foods may not seem as exciting or cool as their newer cousins but won’t put too much of a strain on your wallet, whilst still delivering on their health promises in a big way.


Be smart when eating meat

 If you do choose to eat meat, cuts that require a longer cooking time are usually better value for money. For instance, when choosing beef, try oyster blade or casserole steak rather than eye fillet and porterhouse. Slow cooking these cuts yields delicious results and it is worth the extra preparation. Also, making meat a smaller part of your meal and filling up on vegetables and good quality carbohydrates will also keep costs down. For gut healing foods, you can’t go past bone broth, which is another very reasonably priced cut to get from your butcher. Bone broth is another example of a traditional superfood and it aids in healing and soothing the gut, reduces inflammation and stimulates immune function. It can be made with bones and carcasses, which are inexpensive to buy and the end result is much cheaper than commercial bone broth that you can purchase.


Make it yourself

 This brings me to my next point – foods you make yourself will be much less expensive than buying them ready made. Bone broth is one example, as are bliss balls and other snacks. We all feel time poor these days but I always ask clients how long they spend watching TV and the answer usually makes them realise they have time to spare. Taking just a couple of extra hours during the week or on the weekend to make and prepare your meals will have a huge positive impact on your health and your wallet. You can make foods in bulk and freeze portions with are easy to grab and go. Spending even twenty minutes on a Sunday writing a menu for the week will help you shop smart. Preparing marinades, snacks and other food prep for the week will also make it easier to make better food choices when you are running late for work or come home late at the end of the day. You can find some great snacks here and why not try making your own almond milk ?


Eat seasonally

 Eating with the seasons, or eating foods that are naturally available at certain times of the year is a great way to make the most of fresh foods at a reasonable price. Australia’s obsession with avocados for instance means they are available all year around but may be more expensive at certain times so only enjoy them occasionally instead of everyday when they become pricier. If you have the freezer space, buying in bulk when foods are cheap and in season (such as mangoes and berries!) and then freezing portions, will also help you keep within a food budget whilst still enjoying these foods.

So that’s it! These pointers may seem small but can make a big impart on the health of your body, mind and bank balance if you work on implementing them. Need assistance in improving your diet? Get in touch with Lou here and let’s organise a time to chat.


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