Radiant Rose Face Mask

I try to implement this ritual at least once a month – Sunday night is always a good time to chill out and put aside some time for yourself. Your skin will be toned, supple and glowing (and your insides will be too smiling!) Who doesn’t want radiant glowing skin ready to tackle Monday!!!!


  • 1 tsp pink clay
  • 2 tsp organic white tea and rose petals
  • At least 15 mins to relax


  1. Boil your kettle (white tea is brewed best at around 80 degrees so keep this in mind).
  2. Add the dried tea to a pot and pour over water. Brew for 5 mins.
  3. Pour yourself a cup to sip whilst preparing the mask.
  4. Add some cooled tea to the pink clay (start with 1 tsp). Add a few drops at a time so as not to dilute the mask. Keep adding tea until the mask has a paste like consistency.
  5. Apply to freshly cleansed face and relax for around 10 mins or until the clay feels tight on your face.

Tip: When rinsing off I would recommend using an old dark coloured cloth as the pink clay can stain light wash cloths.

Disclaimer: remember that every person’s skin is different so please do a small patch test first to find out if this is the right mask for you.

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